Informatica Power Center Online Training

Informatica Corporation is one of the software development companies who developed Informatica which is one the ETL tools mainly used for Data integration. This is one of the major data warehouses testing tools and used for extracting, transforming and loading of data. Informatica helps the organization in attaining a good advantage while allowing them with relevant data for improved performance of the organization. Complex sqlqueries will be used in the process of extracting, transforming and loading data. Therefore Candidates who wish to take informatica training should have good knowledge in writing sql queries. We provide specialized real time online training on informatica, Teradata and data warehouse conceptsby industry experts who have more than 10 years of experience in the field of informatica.

Concepts included in Informatica Power Center Online Training include:

  • Data warehouse introduction and concepts
  • Teradata and database concepts
  • Informatica concepts and overview
  • Sources, targets and transformations
  • Slowly changing dimensions
  • Metadata
  • Dimension table and types of dimension tables
  • Fact table and types of fact tables
  • OLTP (Online transaction processing)
  • OLAP (Online analysis and processing) and advantages of OLAP

Course highlights:

  • Detailed material with real time examples
  • Highly qualified trainers with more than 10 years of industry experts
  • 24*7 technical assistance during and after training to students and help them in gaining expertise on the subject
  • Our course is extremely economical and covers every aspect of informatica industry
  • We provide certification oriented training with 100% placement assistance
  • Preparing students for interviews by conducting mock interviews
  • Continuous feedback to help them in improving their knowledge
  • Providing live projects after the course as part of the project which will help them in gaining real time experience
  • All the above will help the students in improving their knowledge in both basic and advanced informatica concepts.

We provide customized training to the students based on their requirements in both informatica development and informatica testing.As demand for informatica testers and developers is increasing, candidates who take this training can definitely get very good opportunities with pretty good pay. Our informatica online training is one of the best options who are in search of a good online training course on informatica. We have proven results in the market by placing our trainees in some of the top most MNCs.